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      3. 提示: 我就想考考抓鳥的詞匯量,gargoyle 懂嗎,( ̄_, ̄ )?   


        n. 攻擊, 襲擊
        v. 襲擊

        • 名詞:
          1. close fighting during the culmination of a military attack  + 
        • 動詞:
          5. attack someone physically or emotionally;  例子  "The mugger assaulted the woman";  相似  "Nightmares assailed him regularly"  + 
        • 形容詞:
          7. used in an attack;    "assault weapons", "attack planes"

        assaulted, assaulting, assaults

        相關詞匯 挖掘...
        衍生詞, 相關詞
        assault → attack, attempt, battery, battle, carnal abuse, conflict, engagement, fight, mugging, storm, thoroughbred, aggravated assault, date rape, resisting arrest, sexual abuse, sexual assault, statutory rape, abuse, bait, barrage, beset, blackguard, blister, bulldog, clapperclaw, claw, criticise, criticize, desecrate, dishonor, dishonour, jump, molest, outrage, pick apart, profane, rape, ravish, rip, rubbish, rush, savage, set, set upon, shout, sic, violate, vitriol, whang, whip, reassail, offensive

        近義詞, 同義詞