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        vt. 使發生聯系, 使聯合
        vi. 交往, 結交
        n. 合作人, 同事
        adj. 副的

        • 名詞:
          1. a person who joins with others in some activity;  例子  "he had to consult his associate before continuing"  + 
        • 動詞:
          5. make a logical or causal connection;    "I cannot connect these two pieces of evidence in my mind";    "colligate these facts"  + 
        • 形容詞:
          8. having partial rights and privileges or subordinate status;    "an associate member";    "an associate professor"

        associated, associating, associates

        相關詞匯 挖掘...
        衍生詞, 相關詞
        associate → AA, AAS, AN, accompaniment, adjunct, affiliate, ally, bedfellow, co-worker, collaborator, colleague, compeer, concomitant, confrere, cooperator, date, degree, equal, escort, fellow, friend, match, mate, member, pardner, participant, partner, peer, playfellow, playmate, shipmate, teammate, workfellow, Associate in Applied Science, Associate in Arts, Associate in Nursing, academic degree, co-occurrence, fellow worker, accompany, ally, cerebrate, cogitate, companion, company, correlate, date, go out, go steady, have in mind, identify, interact, interrelate, mean, relate, see, think, unify, unite, walk, free-associate, keep company, low-level, subordinate

        近義詞, 同義詞