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      3. 提示: 我就想考考抓鳥的詞匯量,gargoyle 懂嗎,( ̄_, ̄ )?   


        vt. 支撐, 扶持, 支持, 支援, 擁護, 維持, 贍養, 忍受
        n. 支撐, 支持, 支援, 維持, 贍養, 支持者, 支柱

        • 名詞:
          1. the activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with money or necessities;  例子  "his support kept the family together";    "they gave him emotional support during difficult times"  + 
        • 動詞:
          12. give moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to;    "She supported him during the illness"  + 


        Get out there and support me in
        the manner to which I'll be accustomed.


        You always supported me.
        After all, what's money?


        Would you like to support me while l
        take courses to teach in public school?


        - Very gracious of you.
        - I liked it best when I supported you.

        - 你真有同情心。
        - 我希望我支持你是最好的。

        supported, supporting, supports

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        衍生詞, 相關詞
        support → abutment, activity, adherence, adhesion, advocacy, aid, amenities, anchor, andiron, approval, approving, arch support, architrave, assist, assistance, attachment, back, backboard, backbone, backrest, baluster, basement, bearing, bedpost, blessing, bookend, brace, bracket, bridge, buttress, creature comforts, descant, device, discant, dog, endorsement, firedog, foot, foothold, footing, footstall, foundation, fundament, groundwork, hanger, hanging, harness, harp, headstock, help, influence, lifeline, linchpin, lynchpin, mainstay, maintenance, meal ticket, operation, part, pedestal, plinth, proof, prop, reassurance, resource, shoring, sponsorship, stand, subsistence, substantiation, substructure, supporting structure, suspension, sustainment, sustenance, sustentation, understructure, upkeep, validation, vamp, voice, bearing wall, buttressing, close support, comforts, conveniences, dangling, dogiron, handrest, logistic assistance, logistic support, military operation, propping up, shoring up, O.K., accept, act, advance, agree, aid, allow, apologise, apologize, approve, argue, assist, back, back up, bear up, block, boost, brace, bracket, buoy, buoy up, carry, champion, chock, concord, concur, correspond, countenance, defend, demonstrate, document, encourage, endorse, establish, excuse, fit, foster, frequent, fund, further, gibe, guarantee, help, hold, indorse, jibe, justify, let, live with, match, nurture, okay, patronise, patronize, pay, permit, pole, promote, prop, prop up, prove, pull, rationalise, rationalize, reason, reenforce, reinforce, represent, root, sanction, scaffold, second, see through, shew, shop, shore, shore up, show, side, sit out, sponsor, stand for, stand up, stick up, submit, subsidise, subsidize, swallow, take a joke, tally, truss, undergird, undergo, underpin, uphold, validate, verify, vouch, warrant, buy at, hold still for, shop at, take lying down

        近義詞, 同義詞